For Homeowners

Marcela Gara, Resource Media
Marcela Gara, Resource Media

Interested in a Raingarden for Your Home?

You may be eligible for rebates and support! Check out these handy resources for property owners in the Tacoma area.

Funding Assistance:

  • Pierce Conservation District works with several homeowners each year to design and install rain gardens on their property.  The result is landowners that are happy with their new gardens, while the Puget Sound receives less fertilizers, chemicals and other harmful polluted runoff.
  • The City of Tacoma 's Environmental Services Department awards up to $50,000 a year in environmental grants to help educate residents and protect and restore our surface water resources. A reimbursable maximum award amount up to $4,000 is open to anyone considering a project within Tacoma city limits.
  • Pierce County provides several small grants to nonprofit organizations, schools, teachers, businesses, and individuals wishing to enhance water quality and habitat. Applicable grants for raingarden installation include:
    • Puyallup Watershed (WRIA10)
    • Chambers-Clover Creek

Technical Assistance: